Mr Fothergill's

A strong and successful gardening brand, Mr Fothergill’s wanted a fresh pair of creative eyes to help guide the vital process of re-differentiating their group of similar brands. The goal was to give each brand and catalogue their own distinct personality, both in design and in copy Tone of Voice.

So they came to TA Design. We were given the key, flagship brand to start with – Mr Fothergill’s Seeds. We worked with their team to deliver: firstly design concepts and example copy, and then a series of page and spread templates. These focused giving more organisation, clarity and space to the design, with a more contemporary, ‘less is more’ feel – without losing information or product density.

It turned out that there was a production bottleneck, so we designed, wrote new brand positioning copy, edited the product copy, and artworked 65% of the catalogue – to a very tight deadline, working closely and smoothly with the professional inhouse team.

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