Creative Catalogue Tips for 2020 – Part 1

Posted by on Jan 03 - 2020

Welcome to 2020 – and what better way to start a new decade than with a new catalogue or catalogue refresh! Whether you’d like to revamp your existing catalogue or create one from scratch, our top tips for creative design reveal just some of the ways we can make your catalogue sizzle – improving impact, orders and your ROI.



Tip 1: Harness your brand passion to sell

Create a unique brand proposition and sell with authority. Give your customers a distinct reason for buying from you.


Tip 2: Be sociable

Include your social media addresses, and then post product updates and special offers. Create a buzz with social media to send customers back to your catalogue or website.


Tip 3: Cover magic

Your cover is your shop window. Entice them in with a gorgeous image and a special offer, and ensure you tell them where to find it inside. Use smaller inset images to demonstrate your product range. Attract upmarket customers by considering paper type, weight and finish.


Tip 4: Cross & upsells

Get the best out of your customers. Cross sells show them similar and linked products. Upsells persuade them they can get even more pleasure and benefit from a more expensive product.

Intro letter

Tip 5: Personal introduction

The Tone of Voice of your brand should be unique, expressing its personality. A personal introductory letter connects your brand to your customer on a personable, friendly level.


Tip 6: Encourage exploration

An easy-to-read, succinct introduction and contents panel repays dividends. Catalogues are like shops – if you can’t find what you want, you leave (put it down).


Tip 7: Show them where to look

Images are never viewed individually in a spread. Show them where to look. Use the all-important model pose, eye direction and product angle to direct eye flow.


Tip 8: Whatever you’re selling, tell its story

It’s not only the features, it’s the benefits, it’s how it will make the buyer’s life better. Giving information also builds your brand’s authority.


Tip 9: Hero products

Ensure you give expensive, complex or high-margin items more space and detail. And position them where they will do the most good - both for the hero product and the spread.


Tip 10: Keep it together

Ensure your catalogue and digital marketing work together. Direct readers to your website with ‘more online’ messages, using QR codes, cross selling, video demos – this enhances the power of both your key channels.


Making a good-looking and sales-grabbing catalogue is a complex creative process. Ensure you get the catalogue and the results you deserve. Call Tony or James on 01273 72 40 40 now to discuss your project, book a free catalogue critique, or email us at

Let’s start 2020 with a bang!


Part 2 of our catalogue tips coming soon!



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