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Our free clinics are known for their sympathetic and constructive critiquing of your current work - and are always focused on improving your ROI.

FREE Catalogue Clinics – our unique way of giving you insights into your print marketing material

You’ll appreciate that your catalogue can be improved, but you probably don’t have the time to examine how – even when there’s a good time to do so, such as right now, before you begin planning work on your key New Year / Spring campaigns.

That’s why the TA Design Catalogue Clinic is so popular. This in-depth and constructive review and critique of your current catalogue outlines ways to improve the design and copy, and also how to increase your ROI.

Invaluable insights into all things offline, and more

We have an extensive and enviable breadth of experience in every catalogue sector, both consumer and B2B. Whatever your situation, problems or constraints, we’ve been there – and found a solution.

Our clinics can also cover:

  • Direct marketing – including covering letters and mail packs.
  • Specifically, acquisition, loyalty and retention campaigns.
  • Off-the-page advertisements.
  • Branding, brand positioning and Tone of Voice.
  • Copywriting of every description.

We design and review digital media too:

  • Websites – design templates, organisation and content.
  • Emails – design templates and copy.

So we’re able to give you valuable pointers on any part of your marketing communications portfolio.
Naturally, after your catalogue clinic we hope you decide to continue working with us, but whether you do or not, you'll discover that our highly experienced, fresh pairs of eyes have given you candid, refreshing and invaluable insights.

It pays you to act now

We’re happy to work via post or email, or face to face, depending on the time available. But you’ll understand that there’s a limit on how many free Catalogue Clinics we can do in any month, so it will pay you to find time to contact us now.

Call Bobbie or James today on 01273 72 40 40 and begin the dialogue towards a better ROI, or just click the 'Get in touch' button at the base of the page.


"The TA Design session was so helpful for both the buying team (who lead on the catalogue production) and the designer who is tasked with turning our vision into a reality. We have a limited budget for the catalogue production so we need to make sure that we are maximising every page and it is working as hard as it can.

Tony talked us through the key elements of a catalogue and gave tips on how to make the best use of the space. He challenged decisions we had made in the past about layout, photography style and copy which has made us think about how we can make the catalogue work even harder.

Tony led a really great session, challenging our assumptions and getting us to think about our work in a really positive and engaging way. We all went away from the TA Design session with lots of ideas of new things to try. The buying team have looked at what the key features of products are and made sure these are highlighted in the photography. Our designer has approached planning the photo shoot and design layout differently to make better use of the space we have.

The end result is a fantastic new look catalogue that not only shows off our products but also shows off our brand. We are excited to see how our customers react to it when it launches later in the year."

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