Brand Positioning

Without a carefully thought out and executed Brand Positioning and strategy, you are merely a box-shifter.

The power of Brand Positioning

Many millions of words have been written, and many millions of pounds spent, on Branding. But while Branding is vital, it needn’t inevitably be expensive.

It’s a question of priorities, and of preparation.

Do you know what type of company personality you should have? What do you sell, who are your customers and your prospects? What do they think of you? What do you want them to think of you?

What are your points of difference, your USPs?

You must spend time thinking about these questions before you do anything. Then you should consult a good agency.

Brand Positioning needn’t cost millions

If you are a global brand, this will be a multinational Branding agency (remember the millions of pounds?). If you’re not, you might pick anyone, because most agencies think they can ‘do’ Branding.

An agency with good Branding awareness will discuss your thoughts in depth with you, and then come back with their own thoughts, questions and recommendations. (And we’re not simply talking about your Corporate Identity, your logo.)

However, the first step is to consider your name, logo and tagline. This may well be fine, and/or unchangeable – but it’s always good to review it, and to note how you would change it when/if this becomes possible.

Second, what personality should your company have? How should it present itself to the world? You may find it helpful here to imagine one person, with a certain style and character.

Third, how should this persona speak? What is your company’s ‘Tone of Voice’. What words do they use, what vocabulary.

Brand Positioning, the thought behind the creative

As you will have noticed, we have not put a design pencil to paper yet. And this is how it should be. Brand Positioning is at heart an intellectual exercise. But it is fundamental to a company pushing in the right direction and in the right way, towards greater success. Which is why, with TA Design it's not an expensive luxury, but is vital and good value.

If you would like to discuss your Brand Positioning, call Bobbie or James on 01273 72 40 40 or just click the 'Callback request' button at the top of the page.

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