Art Direction

A good, experienced Art Director lifts pictures into commercial art – organising the team, showing the sizzle of each product.

Art Direction is a complex mix of organisational, technical & creative expertise

Good Art Directors are a rare commodity nowadays. This is largely due to the fact that as good cameras became digital, and ever cheaper, many people think they can take their own pictures – unless they are in the fashion sector. But good art direction is still a vital part of a successful photographic shoot – whatever your business sector and whatever the subject of the shoot – from brand positioning or lifestyle shots to lightly propped product shots.

This is due to a variety of reasons. The good Art Director will have discussed with you the results you wish to achieve, and the effect you are going for. They can divine how a particular model in the flesh at a casting, will work off the page or website, after the shoot. (People’s characters don’t necessarily translate onto the page.)

Effective Art Direction is like conducting

A good Art Director conducts the shoot. They remember all the various briefing points – both artistic and practical. They keep everyone up to speed in order to get through the required shots each day... they make on the spot decisions – what to do if the only sample arrives torn or broken... Talented Art Directors work to keep the team focused and coordinated, with high energy levels – whether it’s just the photographer, or a large team with models, stylists, make up and various assistants.

If you’ve never worked with a good Art Director, you won’t realise the time they save and the value they add to this crucial part of the creative process. Shoot layouts alone can make a massive improvement to the efficiency of a medium sized or larger shoot.

Unrivalled experience in Art Direction

From high fashion to birdseed, lawn mowers to jewellery, TA have art directed it. We have experience in organising shoots at home and abroad, and putting together the best teams available, ensuring everyone is pulling in the right direction to deliver on time and on brief, so you can concentrate on the jobs you need to.

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