We are great believers in sharing the knowledge we have acquired over the years. All these articles have been previously published in the professional press, in print and/or online.

Brand Positioning

Posted by James L. Clarke (08/01/2013)
brand thumb

Putting a case to the sceptic as to why a bit of work on your Brand is time well spent. ( more)

The secrets of fashion photography

Posted by Tony Adams (07/03/2012)
fashion article

A deep and unflinching look into the world of the fashion shoot, and how to prepare for a successful one. ( more)

GroWell makeover

Posted by James L. Clarke (26/11/2010)
growell article

A classic case of a catalogue having all the information, but not organised and shown in the best way. ( more)

Vernons makeover

Posted by James L. Clarke (16/09/2009)
vernons article

This company was hiding its light under a bushel. We dragged it out into the light – and business success. ( more)

Charterhouse makeover

Posted by James L. Clarke (04/05/2008)
charterhouse article

This professional company was let down by its catalogue. We showed them how good they really were. ( more)

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