It’s always a pleasure to receive testimonials from our clients, expressing delight at the results of our work - both creatively and financially. The improvements in ROI that we can deliver further enhance our all-round value to our clients.

Just sent a note to your client at D.T. Brown – he may have sent it on to you. He then let me know of your involvement. May I congratulate you on an outstanding achievement.

I don’t send out too many emails like this. It is also an area where I am somewhat qualified in commenting upon. Well done TA.

Ex-Chairman of Client’s Major Competitor

I wanted to thank you all for putting such a great catalogue together. Kelly was so easy to work with and soooo patient. It’s really appreciated. 

Melissa Muvuti, Nicola Jane

Many thanks for the sterling effort in helping us out of the hole, and producing a fabulous catalogue in record time, especially giving up part of your weekend.

Paul Walton, Fur Feather and Fin

I think you and your team have done an amazing job!

Paula Bryan, Dignity Pet Crematorium

Thank you for all of your hard work. The catalogue looks great!

Adrienne Gannon, Spirit of the Andes

Thanks for the great job you have all done on this work. It looks great! Thanks for your patience!

Rob Sanderson, Sanderson Plastics

The catalogue really does look stunning and everyone has been quick to praise the design and content. I appreciate all the hard work that went into it from your end, thank you as always!

Daniel Patience, Marketing Manager, Growell

It was an absolute delight to open the D.T. Brown catalogue.

And praise where praise is due – you, your team and TA Design should be extremely pleased. It is not only the best seed catalogue you have ever produced; it is the best seed catalogue I have ever seen.

Respected Authority on Catalogues

We love our White Rose brochures! Thank you so much!

Ellen Constable, White Rose

Just a small gift to say thanks for your efforts this year – our catalogues have certainly moved up a gear and are looking great! Here’s to working together in 2018!

Dale Stillman, Cashmere Centre

We have now received the printed catalogues. It looks really good, definitely a huge improvement on our last one.

Jacob Napthine, Signet Locks

I would love to say thank you so much for all the hard work you put into our catalogue. It looks so amazing. We are so happy with it - thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love it!!

Gemma Thompson, RUK Sport

The mailing has identified an overwhelming customer wish which will be addressed and is already in hand. With thanks for your help and superb work.

Victoria Hamilton, Patrizia Wigan Designs

It is obvious to anyone who has ever been involved in catalogue production that an amazing amount of creative foresight and work was needed to develop the structure and create the content of the D.T. Brown catalogue.

You are all to be congratulated.

Direct Marketing Consultant

Thanks so much for your hard work...we have been very impressed with your efficiency and design skills. Makes a very welcome change from other agencies we have worked with!

Willow & Hall

So exciting – the catalogue looks amazing and should be well up for a prize!

Angie Simonds, Managing Director, Fur Feather and Fin

What can I say, you and your team have excelled yourselves yet again – I am very impressed. I know that I have used many song choices before but "Congratulations" & "Thank you".

Clare Boxall, Fur Feather and Fin

We had a very productive catalogue review session with Tony, which was very beneficial for our new designer who hasn’t worked on catalogues before, but also a great opportunity for our seasoned catalogue designers to revisit best practice and challenge what we are doing.

Katy Ingram, Head of Marketing, Feather & Black

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how over the moon we are with the new Podiatry catalogue. The team as ever have done a really fantastic job with what I’m sure has been a really hard slog. It is not often with a catalogue so big that every page looks fantastic but you’ve managed it. Feedback from everyone here has been great with quite a few ‘WOWs’ and people saying they really love the new catalogue.

Julia Tanner, Marketing Director, Canonbury Products Ltd

Our catalogues arrived today - I am really happy with the final result! We are so excited to have them ready to send out. Thanks so much for all your hard work on the project.

Amy Barron, Marketing Executive, Ecoegg

GREAT NEWS! The catalogue has arrived and it is... Brilliant. Thanks so much. It really flows.

Angie Simonds, Managing Director, Fur Feather and Fin

The creative is just fabulous!!!! We can’t wait to see the final catalogue.

Moyra Lambert, Tru Diamonds

I cannot commend the TA team enough on the level of professionalism and accuracy for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s first direct mail catalogue. Not only am I thrilled with the stunning design but felt completely reassured throughout the entire process. Pictures by Post has well and truly launched with a bang! I have utter confidence in giving TA Design the reins to create another successful issue in 2017.

Amy Sawyer, Sony

We've worked with TA Design for a good while now. They have unfailingly given us best advice, come up with scintillating creative concepts, and been a vital sounding board for every aspect of our development as a company. It's only as we take some production work in-house that we realise just how creative, fast, conscientious and quality-conscious the TA team are. They are a fixture in our business.

Paul Harris, Head of Marketing, Lifestyles

The insert looks absolutely amazing. Thank you for all your hard work on this to meet the deadline.

Angela Brathwaite, Director, Aeterna Style

Thanks again for all your hard work on the catalogue, you’ve transformed it and we really appreciate all the hard work that went into it.

Ann Childs, Designer, The Book People

Thank you again for all your hard work on the catalogue -  great job.

Malcolm Messenger, Soar Mill Seeds

Catalogue looks lovely, really pleased.  I think it is the best Simply Feet one yet!

Julia Tanner, Simply Feet

I just want to put on record our appreciation of the redesigned catalogue. It has certainly set new standards within the industry, raising the profile of Body Temple and positioning us as a highly professional and knowledgeable supplier.

Gemma Chatwin, Body Temple

What struck me was the fact that they had such experience, yet still retained a youthful enthusiasm. They are always ready with clear advice, sound information and calming words. They really care, work as a vital part of our team - and are quite good company in small doses(!)

Fiona Ashley Miller, Owner, The Present Finder

If it is taking me a little longer than usual to complete this letter, it's because our phones have not stopped ringing since the launch of our new catalogue. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm of you and your team from the moment of our first meeting. From initial concept through to exceptional project management, TA Design's attention to fine detail has distinguished you from other specialist agencies I have worked with. Seldom have I felt such a shared sense of genuine excitement and anticipation to see the final product. It has far exceeded my initial expectations. Indeed we have already received the following feedback from our customers; "I just received your new catalogue. The new format is MUCH better than the old catalogues. It was nice to see the faces of the folks I order from every month". Our catalogue is the single most important tool for generating revenue, communicating who we are and what we offer. Without doubt, TA Design has taken our business to the next level. Please extend my sincere thanks to everyone on your team. I look forward to developing our relationship.

Arnold Ferrier, Managing Director, The Sports Nutrition Company Ltd

We're not used to creative agencies, and had our fingers badly burned once. However, TA Design has restored our faith in creative people. They know their business, and took the trouble to get to know ours. They've taken us under their wing and have created a series of marvellous catalogues for us.

Colin Mills, Partner, Soar Mill Seeds

It was wonderful how they put into words everything we felt was wrong about our previous catalogue - and then produced concepts with so much richness of design and content. They understood what we were about, and helped us to tell our story to people.

Vanessa Mills, Partner, Soar Mill Seeds

When we met TA Design, we didn't know much about catalogues, except that ours wasn't very good. Tony and James of course realised that too - but more importantly showed us their enthusiasm for how to transform it - and to indicate how, even during those first 90 minutes. The growth of the catalogue - and the business - is testament to their qualities as well as ours.

Alex Grady, Marketing Director, GroWell

I've built my company up from scratch with limited resources, but I make sure I get good advice. And good advice it was that led me to TA Design. They grasped the concept, produced breathtaking concepts, then developed them into a catalogue amazingly quickly so I could meet my tight deadlines. I can't wait to do the next one with them.

Samantha Burlton, Founder, So Organic

Having just completed our 'Awards Winners' catalogue and before we move on to the next project, the mailers, I just wanted to drop you all a line to express our thanks and appreciation. It has been my experience that whenever a client starts working with a new creative resource, there is usually a 'honeymoon' period. Even allowing for this however, we really have been incredibly impressed by your work over the last few weeks and we are all looking forward to working with you on many projects in the future. As I mentioned to you Tony when we first confirmed your appointment, your team's design was head and shoulders above the closest competitor, not only in terms of creativity but also in terms in which it satisfied the commercial requirements of the brief. At a meeting with Caroline, Debra and others last week we all agreed that you had produced a first class job in the time available although we will want to allow you more time on the next occasion! Clearly, however, you have all been used to working under tremendous pressure as no-one seemed to be phased by any of the alterations or the time pressures on the job. The one recurring comment from everyone involved on our side was that they really enjoyed working with your team. For people like us who have to deal with deadlines everyday, it is a pleasure to work with a creative team that knows how to keep its cool. I am sure that the pervading sense of calm in the studio was to some extent induced by client presence, but it was greatly appreciated all the time! We look forward to producing many successful catalogues together over the coming months and years.

Nigel Swabey, Chief Executive, Scotts of Stow

This 2010 catalogue has been exceptionally hard, with the increased size and tight turnaround, and both Zoe and I with you and your team have worked their "butts off" to get it finished. TA Design's dedication and support has surpassed anything I have seen before. I would just like to say a BIG "Thank You" to you and your team for their efforts.

Paula Bryan, Commercial Director, Groomer's

Scotts of Stow will be publishing over 6 million copies of their "Award Winners" catalogue and over 60 million inserts are now scheduled for the current financial year. The Expert Verdict aims to reflect the values originally established for the Innovations catalogues. It takes the concept to the next level.

Scotts of Stow C.E.O Nigel Swabey

In all my business experience, I've never met a design agency with such a wide range of high-level expertise and passion for creativity. They're real fashion specialists too. I know that Tony understands our vision, and that TA can deliver, whatever the circumstances.

Duncan Paterson, Managing Director, The Cashmere Company

We knew that we had a winning formula with Jewson Direct, but it's fantastic to achieve this level of recognition from the catalogue industry itself," said Ashley Gatehouse, Jewson's Managing Director. "The team and all the suppliers pulled together to make this launch a success - the ECMOD awards are for all of them.

Ashley Gatehouse, Managing Director, Jewson Direct

We simply couldn't have hit the ground running as we did without the creativity, understanding and expertise of TA Design. They grasped the concept quickly and with certainty. It will come as no surprise that we are entrusting the creative challenge of our ongoing expansion to TA Design.

Jag Khera, Managing Director, Emporia

It's hard to remember now what a big risk we took when we decided to produce our first catalogue. With hindsight, we realise just how lucky we were to have decided to team up with TA Design. They have brilliantly developed our catalogue for us as we grew, and have repositioned it both intelligently and creatively.

Mark Ashley Miller, Owner, The Present Finder

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