Creative Catalogue Tips for 2020 - Part 2

Posted by on Jan 17 - 2020

Welcome back for Part 2 of our Creative Catalogue Tips for 2020!

Call to action


Tip 11: Calls to action

Well-designed catalogues can also drive people to your website. Make sure that your contact details and web address are highly visible and written in the right way.


Tip 12: Give your catalogue a personality through memorable copy

Bring out your brand personality through the tone of voice in your copy. Intelligently-written copy makes your catalogue readily identifiable as coming from your brand.



Tip 13: Detail is king

The more content rich the design and copy of your catalogue, the more it brings out your brand’s points of difference and USPs. So it’s more involving, and more successful.


Tip 14: Graphic icon highlighting

Eye-catching graphic icons highlight hero products, draw attention to best sellers and bring out important information about a product. They can also add interest and help direct eyeflow.



Tip 15: Make ordering easy

Time spent making the ordering process clear and simple pays dividends in increased orders. Show them how to pay, reassure with guarantee, ask for the order. Be direct.


Tip 16: B2C or B2B, the difference

We’re all people, but we have different priorities at work and at leisure. B2B clients want a solution. B2C customers want happiness. Either way, ensure the product details reflect the reader’s needs.



Tip 17: Vary the pace

Page after samey page is a turn-off. Be sure to change gear regularly throughout your catalogue – with standout section header pages, stopper pages and brand panels.


Tip 18: Don’t forget footers

Remember to include a benefit line or brand positioning statement in some of the page footers, and don’t waste space by having them all carrying ordering details.



Tip 19: Testimonials

Reassurance from a third party can be the most compelling piece of copy you have. Especially if it spells out the benefits of having the product.


Tip 20: Brand presence

It may sound like a luxury, but a page about your brand and its ethos can help build your customer relationships. It’s also a good change of pace in your catalogue.


Making a good-looking and sales-grabbing catalogue is a complex creative process. Ensure you get the catalogue and results you deserve. Call Tony or James on 01273 72 40 40 now to discuss your project, book a free catalogue critique, or email us at

Let’s start 2020 with a bang!


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