DCA Annual Summit

Posted by Tony on Jul 23 - 2014

I recently attended the Direct Commerce Association’s annual summit.  As a board member and ECMOD judge I am regularly at such events, but this one in particular warmed my heart. 

I have been in this business over 30 years now and it still excites me. 

So when I hear the Associate Director of Creative Services at Boden say that the Boden catalogue remains critical to the business or a senior Director for Feather and Black, previously The White Company and Gray & Osbourne, say that catalogues continue to be the cornerstone of creative mix and strategy, disseminated across other channels and showcasing products for the brand, it makes my heart sing.

I know the huge power that exceptional catalogues play to complement and support the wide range of sales channels now available to good retailers.  We see it every day with our clients.  A brilliantly crafted catalogue actively engages and develops customers, captures new ones, increases web browsing time and online purchases, promotes the brand…  what is there not to like?!  And it isn’t just our view.  All day I was hearing the same message from modern retailers and household names - carefully crafted catalogues and direct mail contribute to the health and wealth of your business. 

See, I told you so. Happy days.


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