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Posted by Bobbie on Nov 18 - 2016

Why using a design agency is the key to outstanding results, both creatively and in ROI!

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Your company will surely face this conundrum at some point, “Should we use an external agency or attempt this project in-house?” Clearly we would usually argue for the former... but when you hear our reasons perhaps you will re-evaluate the production of your next design project.


Masters of our Universe

A specialist design agency such as TA will have accumulated a wealth of experience, knowledge and best practice over the years, and stands ready to inject it into your business as a slice of delicious, sizzling design that will work hard for your company and produce results.


Fresh eyes on your campaigns

By tasking a design agency with a creative project you will receive a completely fresh approach to your campaign that is free from the company politics and preconceptions that can cap business growth, and give your company the chance to stride out in front of the competition.


Convenience and Cost

You want to produce a 132pp catalogue within 2 months? That’s great! You only have a postcard to send out this month? No problem! The beauty of using an external agency is that you only pay for the jobs you need doing, so you aren’t funding an internal design team that is sitting idle between projects. And Accounting Services For Business state that the true cost of an employee can be up to 1.85 x the salary, gulp!


Plus there’s no time or expense wasted on recruitment, training and purchase of programs and hardware. Now don’t get us wrong... experience, expertise and multi-award-winning creative work doesn’t come cheap, but as budgets seem to be forever under pressure, the need for intelligent and effective design has grown. So deciding to team up with a specialist agency like TA allows you to enjoy stunning design and copy from experts that follows proven best practice methods and ensures you get the best ROI available.



Using a specialist agency allows you to tap into our full team of designers who can jump on a project and turn it around within your tight time frame, instead of trying to brief your overloaded in-house designer on the Christmas catalogue in June in order to complete the project on time.


An overwhelming desire to please

A good external agency will want to retain your business – we aim to outperform every step of the way to ensure you are pleased with our efforts and continue to work with us on future projects. No job or request is too small or too bizarre, and we’ll relish the opportunity for a new challenge.


Whereas an in-house team doesn’t have the fear that they will be out of a job if the next catalogue is unsuccessful, so they won’t feel the pressure to impress as keenly as an outsourced agency. Plus an in-house team can become somewhat ground down and ‘institutionalised’, which may restrict creative decisions and result in safer, less impactful and compelling design.


So there are many factors to consider when commissioning design work. If you’re considering outsourcing your next creative project, do feel free to take advantage of our popular FREE catalogue clinic. This constructive, in-depth review and critique of your current catalogue identifies and outlines ways we can improve the design and copy.


We have an extensive and enviable breadth of experience in every catalogue sector, both consumer and B2B. So whatever your situation, problems or constraints, we’ve been there – and given solutions.

And as we’ve just won the Direct Commerce Association Award for Best Creative and Design Agency of the Year for the 5th time, you can be assured that the very best creative team will be working on your project and intent on taking it to the next level. So go on, discover what the TA Team can create for you!


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