Lack of passion leads to the death of ideas

Posted by Tony Adams on Jul 24 - 2014

If you’re going to succeed in sales, you need to be able to speak from the heart to the heart. The fuel or energy or language for that communication is passion!

Unfortunately, half of the British workforce is unhappy in their job. Chances are, a number of your employees help make up this number of disgruntled workers, which could explain some of the most lacklustre briefs I’ve had the pleasure to endure over the years.

bored meeting

The wrong mentality is disastrous

I’ve honestly been to briefing meetings where I’ve arrived to find the marketing manager not just bored and dispassionate – but slumped asleep at the boardroom table.

Another where the Marketing Director (in front of me and some of his senior team) spent most of the time extolling the benefits of working for a competitor “In fact, I’d say that just about anywhere would be better than working here” A statement to which his entire team heartily agreed.

After 33 years in this sector I could really fill a book (or a very long blog) with such scary stories! But to be fair I could also fill an even bigger book with exemplars (hey, perhaps a subject for another blog – Carina remind me).

Chimp and man

A test of your passion

Imagine which initial prospect phone call got the best results:

“Hello is that the manager? - My boss has asked me to get some prices for a new catalogue - I found you on Google ”

“Hi Tony - I’ve been doing some research, and TA seem like a company I should be talking to about my new catalogue ”

In the interest of balance, I shall quote a couple of different responses to two questions at a briefing meeting – can you work out which response inspired/allowed me to do great work?

Q: “Creatively – is there anything that you particularly dislike about your existing catalogue?”

A.1: “The Index… it’s inaccurate.”

A.2: “We’ve listened to customers and staff and looked at the figures. We’ve got quite a list! – shall we start at the top?”

Q: “In terms of design – what do you feel is wrong with your existing cover?”

A.1: “It’s all very competent but we don’t feel it reflects our character, ethos nor our passion for our products.”

A.2: “It’s too shiny.”

Sometimes the brief arrives by post, email or fax – so you ask…

Q: “Before we start the creative – could I ask you a few questions about your company- its needs and wants etc to best answer your brief?”

A.1: “Fantastic! I was hoping you would – any chance of you coming in to see us tomorrow?”

A.2: “No. We’re not going to do the work for you – I want to see what you can do! ”

Now I’m on a roll!

Time to name some names?

Hold on, the pub’s open...

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