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Posted by Kelly Pomar on Nov 24 - 2014

Another month, another Think TAnk blog!

Normally our Think TAnk blog ponders over things from the previous month, but since it's almost Christmas, this months Think TAnk has gone all Christmassy!

Think TAnk Logo xmas

'Tis the season to be creative and there are so many creative things to be inspired by over this festive period from pop up Christmas cards to cute knitted toy animations (see above), so choosing my favourite five for Think TAnk was pretty tricky. If you think I missed some amazing illustrated wrapping paper or hand made must-see decorations, let me know!

1. Christmas Card Inspiration

There are so many Christmas card designs to get you inspired.

These pop up designs are some of my favourite. What makes pop up cards even more unique is they turn a flat 2D card into a 3D decoration and a keepsake that can be used every Christmas.

If you want to be creative this year, you still have a bit of time left...

This list has some great ideas to help you create your own Christmas cards. Use paint, your instagram photos, embroidery, wooden stamps, felt, doilies and even nail polish!

Now you have no excuse not to be creative!

christmas card

2. Pressie ideas for the Designer in your life!

So you have the Christmas card, now you just need a pressie to go with it! If you have a designer in your life, take a look at this list showing what top designers and illustrators wanted to find under the tree on Christmas morning last year...from lego architecture to Hennessy Limited Edition Cognac to this fab little printer that you can use to print a miniature newspaper or receive messages from your friends!

So that was last year...what's on your Christmas list this year? Take a look at our Pinterest Christmas board for some of our ideas!

3. 2014 Christmas Stamps

So, you have created your home-made Christmas card and bought your present, now you just need a stamp to go on it!

Royal Mail has published the designs for its 2014 Christmas stamps. The charming drawings were created by illustrator Andrew Bannecker. Christmas stamps were first issued in 1966. Back then, Royal Mail ran a children's competition to choose a design. Last year was only the third time a children's competition was used.

If you are posting out your Christmas cards/presents, don't forget the last recommended posting dates for UK mail are 18 December for second class and 20 December for first.


stamp 3
monty 300x283

4. Monty

I guess I cannot mention Christmas without mentionting the John Lewis advert. Every year the anticipation seems to get bigger and bigger with everyone wanting to see what they have come up with. This year we were introduced to Monty the Penguin who just wants someone to love! 17 million views and counting on YouTube!

Take a walk down memory lane as this feature looks back at every John Lewis Christmas ad from 2007 to 2013. Which is your favourite? I think 'The Journey' from 2012 is the winner.

5. Christmas Movie Poster Designs

These minimalist movie poster designs are great!  The Interactive Design Institute produced these clever, minimalist posters last year, reducing each film to a illustrative simplistic graphic using the films most recognisable elements. It's amazing how you know that it's representing Home Alone even by how little is actually included in the design.

Now, who's up for grabbing a glass of mulled wine and watching a classic Christmas movie? My vote is for Elf!

HomeAlone 2

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