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Posted by Kelly on May 11 - 2016

Our regular Think TAnk blog showcases things we have liked, things we have found interesting or just things that we think look nice from the past month!

For the latest in our Think TAnk series, it's all about ‘Logos’!

1. It's a mix of both worlds

The above video by DesignMantic explores what makes people fall for a logo. Is there a science behind it? Is it just a pretty piece of artwork?

What makes you fall for a logo?

Think TANk Logo2

2. Nothing is original

People went crazy about this twitter post identifying that a 1989 design book seems to be the inspiration for lots of logos we see today.

Nothing is original, esp. in #design. — Spencer Chen (@spencerchen) April 27, 2016

Which leads me to my next point...

3.  2020 Tokyo Olympics accused of plagiarism

Last month the organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics unveiled the new official logo. Why the new design? Well, the original design had to be scrapped after allegations of plagiarism. Take a look at this article to see the original Tokoyo Olympics logo and the logo it was accused of copying side by side and make up your own mind!

Photograph: (c) Thomas Peter/Reuters (taken from the article by The Guardian)


Think TANk Logo4
Think TANk Logo3

4. Logos are important for any brand

The death of the legend, Prince, last month shocked us all, but since his death, we have been treated to reminders of why he was so brilliant. This article talks to the man behind “The Symbol”.

(c) Mitch Monson co-designed Prince’s icon Love Symbol.

5. Robots killing off human designers?

Type in a word and let the Mark Maker system algorithm create an endless supply of logo designs. As you click on ones you like, the system whittles down the designs until you find the 'perfect' logo.

Try Mark Maker for yourself here.

Think TANk Logo6
Logo Design Ipad

And, finally,

Should you want more inspiration on logos, follow TA Design's board Inspiration on Pinterest.  We regularly update our boards of inspiration, including Graphic Design, Catalogue Design and Typography.

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