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Posted by Kelly on Jul 07 - 2014

Welcome to the first Think TAnk blog post!

Think TAnk showcases things we have liked, things we have found interesting or just things that we think look nice from the past month! For the first in our Think TAnk series, it's all about ‘Typography’! 

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Typography is so important to us in the design business. In his article, Thomas Phinney  explains why typography can make all the difference between "work that looks professional and work that looks like someone threw it together in Word!" Below you will find our 5 favourite Typography discoveries.

What do you think? Do you think there are others that should have made the list?

1. Learn to Kern! Get to grips with kerning in a fun way! Have a go and let us know your score!

Crafted by Mark MacKay for Method of Action

2. Glorious Gift Ideas For Typography Addicts

Ever wondered what to buy a designer? Pick between a Lorem Ipson necklace, a 'Back to the Futura' Tote bag and a mug explaining the only time you should use Comic Sans is if you are an eight year old girl writing a poem about unicorns, plus many more!

P.S. Christmas is only 146 days away...


3. When being a designer and a Dad collide! What a great way to learn about typography!

A is for Applesauce, B is for bacon, C is for cookie...

© Tommy Perez
© A Beautiful Mess

 4. 20 Awesome Typography Apps You Need For Really Beautiful Fonts

From creating your own font to applying typography to your photographs, these apps are indeed pretty awesome! Perfect for personal or even business use.

I have highlighted A Beautiful Mess which allows you to "add new life to your favorite photos with custom filters, fun fonts, and hand-drawn doodles."

What are you waiting for? Get downloading and start playing!

5. Typography isn't always digital!

Lex Wilson shows us his incredible hand drawn typography. He is also the star in our feature video at the top of the page where he shows off his speed drawing skills.


© Lex Wilson
IPAD Pinterest Typography

And, finally,

Should you want more inspiration on typography, follow TA Design's board Inspiration on Pinterest.  We regularly update our boards of inpsiration, including Graphic Design, Catalogue Design and Typography.


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