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Posted by Carina on Jul 16 - 2014

The 80s are in fashion and it's not all perms, shell suits and Spandau Ballet. They are also making their debut on the design-scene.

Here are 3 of my favourite current 80s-inspired design trends:

The Colorful Geometric Graphic Designs of Andy Gilmore

1. Geometrics

Like the colorful geometric graphic designs of Andy Gilmore

Here's an easy exercise for you:

Draw a rectangle. Then draw a triangle inside that rectangle, followed by another one, the opposite side. Finishing off with a line through the middle. Then start colouring in each section with different colours (ensuring the same colour doesn't touch) so you basically end up with something resembling this:

TA Geometric

Voilà... a simple pattern that you can repeat to create a multitude of fantastic geometric inspired imagery!

2. Bold Colours

Like the Computer Arts neon cover series by Luke O'Neill

It's all about neons so bright we all need to don our Ray Bans!

Remember those E-number food colourings that'd be sure to send you into a sugar-hyped-frenzy, you know, the ones your Mum always told you you weren't supposed to have as a kid? Well, now you are allowed to have them... and as many as you want - in fact the more the better! Why not make them clash a little bit while you're at it?


3. Crazy Typography

Check out 80s Type at My Fonts

Anything goes!

Anything from scrawl to bubble writing, to chunky geometric faces. And all on the same page. Yep, that's right, if you're designing an 80s inspired piece now is when you get to break the golden 3-fonts-on-one-document rule!

And, finally,

We'd love to hear what your favourite trends are too - tweet us today @TADesignLtd and join the conversation: #TATrendSpot

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