Digital Design

Your Brand positioning, your sales messages and your customers' experience should be the same, whichever medium they’re using to interact with you.

Websites must be well structured and intuitive to navigate, whilst also having a design that marries with your print marketing

After 20 years of creating successful catalogues – and also press ads and mail packs – it’s not surprising that TA Design is the repository of best practice.

This includes Brand positioning, design style, copy Tone of Voice, visual communication, visual hierarchy, organisation, cross selling, up-selling, calls to action, pushing to order, and so on. You will have noticed that these are all necessary elements of a successful marketing communication in any medium, not least your website and your emails - your Digital Design.

Creating the right design look for your website

Over the last 12 years, in concert with revamping a catalogue, TA Design often designs web skins for key website pages (and emails) that match the new catalogue look, feel and tone of voice.

This is so your website developers can follow these page designs and change the look of your website to match the look of your catalogue. Because as we all know, catalogues are the key driver of prospects and customers to your website – and so the two experiences mustn’t jar, or feel like it’s a different Brand in each medium.

So as well as designing effective catalogues for any business sector, we're often creating Digital Design – websites and emails – as needed.

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